Get Toshiba response code to reset or clear challenge code.

Get your your Toshiba response code in minutes, unlock your Toshiba Laptop or Notebook, We can help you reset Bios password on Toshiba with Password = Challeng code, via Response code.

How to unlock Toshiba Laptop and How it works?

Your Toshiba Laptop is showing: Password =

Toshiba password = reset or clear

Toshiba challenge code how to get the password

Learn how to make your Toshiba Laptop display the challenge code.

1 ) Restart your Toshiba laptop pressing F2 Every second!
2 ) ( Password= ) will be displayed just like in image above )
Now press keys in this order [CTRL], [TAB], [CTRL] and [ENTER].
4 ) If performed right you should see the challenge code displayed on screen just like in image below,
We will use your Toshiba challenge code to generate your toshiba response code,

Please note: In order for the password to work keep the Laptop turned on and charging until password arrives do not enter wrong passwords, we do not want the challenge code to change.

Toshiba response code how to get the password

If you have a Toshiba Laptop showing: ( Password = ) Challenge code, You can buy your response code here, so enter your Toshiba challenge code displayed on your laptop screen and Toshiba serial number below and hit buy now.

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